If you wish to share EMSO Training, please do so by first sharing the Emotional Makeover and the Levelheaded Talk Podcast. This course home page is for your eyes only. By participating in this course, you are committing to use this material for your personal process only.



Heavy Check Mark Use the Summary page 86 and read the closing letter on page 87 to support your sense of completion.

Heavy Check Mark Revisit your course home page as often as you need.

Heavy Check Mark Create an account on the website – levelheadeddoc.com/register, and save that page for future reference (listen to the Release, extra blank copies of the EMSO Master Chart, etc.)

Heavy Check Mark Continue with your EMSO CO. And remember, even if you haven’t yet met with them, now is a great time to start by sharing what you learned about yourself!

Heavy Check Mark Coaching – I offer 1:1 and Small Group sessions. Check the schedule here.

Heavy Check Mark EMSO Practicum – this is the second-tier training and the next cohort begins November 7th. 


Today’s Reminder

Heavy Check Mark Turn now to page 16 and read your letter out loud to yourself.

Heavy Check Mark Now turn to page 85 and read the letter you wrote yesterday (again, out loud to yourself).

Heavy Check Mark If you took a before photo, now take an ‘after’ now and look at your eyes and your emerging REAL self.

Heavy Check Mark If you choose, contact your EMSO CO now to send or read the letters to them as well.

    WEEK 4, DAY 4

    Today you have one objective:

    Heavy Check Mark Contemplate your experience over the last 30 days and write the “Who Am I Now?” letter, found on page 85.

      WEEK 4, DAY 3

      Today’s Reminder

      Heavy Check Mark The next Take Action to complete is on page 84: “Types of Repairs.” This is where you take your Letters of Repair from Within, and organize how and if you’ll make Indirect or Direct Repairs with each person.


      • Check Motive as to why you’d offer an Indirect vs. Direct Repair with each.
      • I consider Direct Repairs (e.g. phone calls and in person) to be an Advanced Practice in EMSO Training. 
      • Indirect Repairs (sending the letters via email or mail, as well as action-based) will be completed when we’re within the EMSO Practicum.

      WEEK 4, DAY 2

      Today’s Reminder

      Heavy Check Mark Revisit the “Repair Chart” video from Week 3, Day 7, as needed. 

      Heavy Check Mark Complete the following Take Action today:

      • page 83: write a “Repair from Within Letter” to each person you highlighted using the template. 

      Heavy Check Mark Send a copy of one of your letters to me if you’re so inclined.
      (These are kept confidential between you and I.)

      Heavy Check Mark Continue to meet with your EMSO CO(s). If you haven’t yet met, what better time than now to share your journey?!

      WEEK 4, DAY 1

      WEEK 3, DAY 7


      Heavy Check Mark Watch today’s video: “Repair Chart”

      Heavy Check Mark Complete the Take Actions through page 82 in your journal.

      Heavy Check Mark Were you able to meet with me and/or your EMSO CO yesterday for a Reveal? If not, be sure to do this before we meet on Zoom tomorrow.

        WEEK 3, DAY 6


        Heavy Check Mark Watch today’s video: “Reveal”

        Heavy Check Mark Meet with your EMSO CO and/or with me this afternoon to reveal one thing you’re now aware of about who you’ve been being and how it has hurt others. To schedule a time with me, please use this special link for a complementary “Reveal” session: CHOOSE A TIME.

        Heavy Check Mark In the EMSO Training Community Group, share one aha! you’ve had since beginning your EMSO Intensive.

          WEEK 3, DAY 5


          Heavy Check Mark Watch the video to better understand the Review process.

          Heavy Check Mark Complete the Take Actions on page 80:

          • “Paint My Patterns”
          • “Highlight What Needs Repairing Within Me”

          WEEK 3, DAY 4

          A Special Assignment

          Heavy Check Mark Watch today’s video

          WEEK 3, DAY 3

          Familiar Energy Crisis

          Heavy Check Mark Watch today’s video to explore what I call your “growing-up family” and the Familiar Energy Crisis.

          Heavy Check Mark Today, focus entirely on your EMSO Master Chart. If you have any questions or need support, please reach out now.

          Heavy Check Mark If you haven’t yet done so, contact your EMSO CO and share the contents of one full line on your chart. You can even simply send a photo of the written copy.

          WEEK 3, DAY 2

          Community & your EMSO CO

          Heavy Check Mark Continue your EMSO Master Chart (at least 10 people, groups, or situations) and work each line all the way across.

          Heavy Check Mark Complete the Take Action on page 74 for each line on your EMSO Master Chart. Say it out loud if you can and really proclaim your self-responsibility.

          Heavy Check Mark Use page 75 to summarize your EMSO Investigations before we move more fully into EMSO Repairs for the rest of this week.

          Heavy Check Mark As usual, set up a time to meet with your EMSO CO(s).

          Heavy Check Mark Watch today’s video for a deeper sense of the support

          WEEK 3, DAY 1

          WEEK 2, DAY 7

          Master Chart (I & J)

          Heavy Check Mark Watch today’s video for support with columns “I: Consequence” and “J: Rewind” and complete the first 10 lines on your EMSO Master Chart (use pages 72 & 73 to aid you).

          Heavy Check Mark Make a celebration post in the EMSO Training Community (#CELEBRATE)—you’ve discovered so much about yourself and it’s helpful to create moments to share your breakthroughs.

          WEEK 2, DAY 6

          Master Chart (F, G, & H)

          Heavy Check Mark Watch today’s video to support you with the next 3 columns: “Blame,” “Expectation,” and “Motive” (page 72). Then, complete these columns for the 10 (or more) people, groups, or situations that you’ve listed so far.

          Heavy Check Mark Connect with others in the EMSO Training Community, and with your EMSO CO. Share parts of your EMSO Master Chart and ask questions as they arise.

          WEEK 2, DAY 5

          EMSO MASTER CHART (C, D, & E)

          Heavy Check Mark Watch today’s video (*NOTE: In the video, columns C-Belief/Filter & D-PANE are flipped. Use your printed charts as your primary guide and use the guidance in the video accordingly.)

          Heavy Check Mark Now that you have the Names & Situations filled in on your EMSO Master Chart (found in the back of your journal pages), move on to filling in these 3 columns today:

          – Column C: “Belief/Filter”
          – Column D: “PANE”
          – Column E: “ETB” 

          To support this, complete the Take Actions on page 71, and use the keys on pages 90-91.

          WEEK 2, DAY 4

          EMSO MASTER CHART (A & B)

          Heavy Check Mark Watch today’s video

          Heavy Check Mark One of the easiest ways to begin the EMSO Master Chart process is by using the “Body Signals” Take Action (page 67), so I suggest pulling out your phone contacts list and begin there.

          Heavy Check Mark For additional ways to stimulate your brain and body to uncover the names of people, groups, and situations, complete the following Take Actions:
          – “Acknowledge Whom I’ve Hurt” (page 66)
          – “PANEs” by Age” (page 68)
          – “Institutional PANE” (page 69)
          – “The Sex Scenes” (page 70)

          Heavy Check Mark Lastly, send a message to your EMSO CO today to share a breakthrough you had in this last week.

          WEEK 2, DAY 3


          Heavy Check Mark Complete all Module 1 Take Actions (through page 60)

          Heavy Check Mark Watch today’s video…

          Heavy Check Mark Keep it simple and complete Module 1 today.

          WEEK 2, DAY 2


          Heavy Check MarkWatch today’s video and connect with your EMSO CO(s) to get and provide support; then hold each other accountable for completing these today:

           Heavy Check Mark Take Actions:

          • Pages 20-23: Complete all 4 “Awareness” exercises (if you did not do so last week or in class)
          • Pages 34-36: “Link the Details of My Emotional Insobriety” 
          • Pages 37-41: “My Trauma Pathway” 

          Heavy Check Mark Post questions, breakthroughs, and more in your EMSO Training Community (this is a private group, but also includes everyone who’s taken an EMSO Intensive in the past, so you may receive some useful reflections from those who’ve been in EMSO Training for some time now).

          WEEK 2, DAY 1

          WEEK 1, DAY 7


          Heavy Check Mark Post your biggest “aha moment” from this week in the Facebook group. Maybe it happened while you were watching a video, doing a Take Action, or meeting with your EMSO CO. Sharing successes will support you in sustaining emotional sobriety in the long-term.

          Heavy Check Mark Watch today’s video on the ETB of Secondary Addiction

          Heavy Check Mark Complete the Secondary Addiction section of the Take Action “Reasons for My ETBs” (pages 31-33).

          *Bring in as much self-honesty as you can muster today with becoming aware of this ETB in your life! Now is the time to “get over yourself” for a more holistic perspective and “get real” with what you’re actually doing and feeling.

          Heavy Check Mark