Begin your maturity check-in within 8 areas of life to gain greater control over how you feel, think, and behave.

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feel my body react.
(lump in throat, increased heart rate, etc.)
react aggressively or hide.
attempt to justify.
feel like crying.
argue my position.
shut down.
feeling like hitting something.
give the silent treatment.
I will be abandoned.
uncomfortable around others.
threatened by others’ success.
hurt when not getting attention.
be paranoid.
make things about me.
imagine worst-case scenarios.
remain open with feedback.
critical of others.
respectful of myself.
open-minded with others (politically, religiously, etc.)
bothered by others’ choices.
lie to get my way.
lie to myself.
omit or change information.
overeat or eat excessive sugar or junk foods.
smoke cigarettes or marijuana.
drink alcohol or take drugs.
drink coffee every day.
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