3 Weekends to Bring Your Team or Group Into Greater Levelheadedness, Clarity, & Peace

Is your team struggling with communication and moving forward? EMSO Training for teams, groups, and families in the form of a group intensive can accellerate your project, goals, or family joy!

Begins April 2022

Through EMSO Training, hundreds of people have finally discovered not only that they have a “gap in their game,” but what’s currently in that gap. This discovery process is essential to becoming who you truly are, which is the person who doesn’t have a gap at all! We call this being emotionally sober, or “EMSO.”

In this 9 module experience, you’ll become more levelheaded, clear, and peaceful in any situation. There won’t be anything you can’t handle with poise, humility, and presence.

Join us beginning in April 2022.



From relationship failure to chaos at work, many of us do not know how to change our behavior and live our lives in a balanced and empowered way.

We try to stop or limit our behaviors or the behaviors of others, but we are still flooded with emotions, which cause us to continue having the same frustrating experiences. We feel the acidity of anger, suffocation of shame, heaviness of sadness, disturbance of embarrassment, pangs of fear, and more. The effects of these emotions create overwhelm and confusion, leading us to react rather than us leading ourselves and maintaining a levelheaded, poised, and open-hearted experience.

Do you find yourself…

  • Fighting in relationships
  • Unable to stand up for yourself and others calmly and effectively
  • Lonely and self-deprecating
  • Experiencing uncontrollable addiction/compulsions
  • In unhealthy romantic relationships
  • Miserable in any area of your life?




  • You’re ready to upgrade your life, and learn more about yourself than ever before.

  • You’re a leader, part of a team, are in a family and/or relationship, or even if you are primarily solo in life.

  • You have children in your life who need an amazing example of what it means to be a compassionate, kind, balanced human being.


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A clear curriculum to guide you step-by-step through the Foundations, Investigations, and Repairs of Emotional Sobriety. These are delivered via SMS & Email weekly and you have access to your own coures environment to go at your own pace.

Each week Dr. V. host a live group coaching call for everyone currently at any stage in their EMSO Training. This is where we build a community of support as well!

The course is delivered through short, powerful videos to guide you throughthe Foundations, Investigations, & Repairs processes. These are delivered one week at a time, so some choose to watch all 7 in one sitting or day by day throughout the week.

You’ll receive ongoing reminders via text to keep the energy alive and present throughout your training.

This is the EMSO word for “homework” and is neatly organized in a companion journal


You’re connected with all others who are dedicated to becoming emotionally sober via a private online Community Group, live events, by being partnered up with an “EMSO CO” (homework buddy), and more!


This curriculum has been designed as a result of Dr. Andrea Vitz’s own emotional insobriety, and witnessing the way it hurt her and others. Her climb out of this deficit, her coaching of others out of theirs for nearly 10 years, and now training hundreds of students toward their own EMSO, has made her a master teacher of this proprietary training program, which is now available for everyone.


This training was also inspired due to witnessing so many people around her who were seemingly “sober” still struggling in abusive and unhealthy relationships, unable to use their voice, and sometimes even still dying from their addiction, due to not having been given the opportunity to get truly emotionally sober.


Module 1:


In this 4-Module online course, you will explore the foundational elements of EMSO, which will prepare you for your EMSO Training. This is the starting point for all new students!

Module 2:


Following your FOUNDATIONS course, this portion of the training begins your deep investigation into the you you’ve been being, thereby allowing you a new choice regarding who you will become.

Module 3:


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Module 4:


The final course in the EMSO Essentials series prepares you for the upcoming training series, by allowing you to heal the parts of your life which contribute to your ongoing emotional insobriety.

Module 5:


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Module 6:


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Module 7:


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Module 8:


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Module 9:


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"I can not recommend this workshop enough. I hope I can convey how amazing it is to change yourself on a deep level and become peaceful and more courageous and confident than ever before. It has begun happening for me."
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"It changed me- almost immediately I began to feel belonging and connection to this work, to Dr. Vitz and to the other participants. It gave me a safe place to unveil my spirit and sort through my behaviors and trauma filters. In other programs I have modified my behavior. In this program I modified me at a molecular level. For the first time ever, I have gotten over myself."
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"My perspective has changed. I have a whole new level of maturity and calm. I feel more peaceful and I’m almost instantly aware when I am acting out on ETB‘s and viewing things from my trauma filters. Instead of looking for solutions to my problems, I am rising above my problems and looking for a solution to myself. I have started an ongoing conversation with myself about the person that I want to become. I was surprised to find out that I had been arrogant. I was also surprised to find out how ingrained the trauma filter of insecurity is in my life. It turns out insecurity is my primary trauma filter and I use all the ETBs at various times to express my insecurity and feelings of inadequacy (Which I thought was self soothing). I highly recommend this program to everyone, including my own Mom, boyfriend and friends. This movement is revolutionary and already starting to change the world. My biggest wish is that we all continue on with this work."
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"Dr Andrea Vitz's Workshop "The You You've Never Met" was a life changing experience for me. I have read a lot of self help and personal development books, listened to podcasts, gone to seminars and participated in other courses and while I learned from each of these, none of them got to the ROOT CAUSE of my behaviors. They would teach me how to succeed and what habits I needed to develop but they didn't even touch why I would sabotage my own success every time I started to taste it. I realized that I was addicted to certain negative emotions and that I was subconsciously altering my behaviors to find these emotions. Through this workshop, I was able to not only identify the limiting beliefs that have been holding me back, but uncover WHY I had them and how to overcome them! There is a real sense of freedom in this and I feel... lighter. I feel more in control of my own thoughts and behaviors and thus, my life!"
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"If you feel stuck in any area of your life, then I can't recommend this workshop enough. Dr Vitz said "Humility, vulnerability and action are how you get over your old patterns. Until you learn the lesson, you will keep continuing your old patterns". No matter how many books you read or times you try to change.. if you don't get down to the root cause of your patterns, thoughts and behaviors.. you will never escape them. And what better time then now to work on this as we all have a little more time!"
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"Firstly, thank you. Thank you for offering such an intensive, action filled opportunity for me (us in the world in general) to grow and be better versions of ourselves. I never had words or terms for what I feel like has been a singular journey for several years and am just now understanding the reality and benefits from. It is better with others too. Growing with others helps validate that I'm not broken alone but healing among many."
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"This course was different because I had a guide and peers to help me with understanding along the way. Trying to figure out these types of concepts alone is not really manageable, especially because there is no feedback and reassurance like there is with a guide and group."
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"I have read multiple books to help me with personal growth, however taking this course helped me have the accountability I needed for real change. I feel peace, calmness, and have a better understanding of who I was and who I want to become. I have achieved personal growth in terms of my emotional strength by taking self-responsibility and action. I was surprised at how much I hid under my subconscious mind, especially my biochemical addictions to certain emotions, which contributed to secretive and toxic behaviors.This course absolutely changed and saved my life."
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$699.00 (payment plans available)

In order to train your emotional, mental, and other states, we must first know what is driving you to behave in ways that are not in alignment with who you really are. EMSO Training lays out this pathway to levelheadedness, clarity, and peace. Everyone begins here.

DURATION: 9 weeks

Begins April 2022 (self-led modules arrive each Sunday with live group coaching calls on Thursdays)


Dr. Andrea Vitz is founder and CEO of LevelheadedDoc, LLC an educational platform committed to a global Emotional Sobriety movement.

She leads others to their own healing by attacking the cause of suffering, opening the door for reinvention and being an example of the power to welcome drastic correction and control of their life.

Along with being an Emotional Sobriety Educator, she is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Life & Relationship Coach, and Strength & Rehabilitation Expert.

Dr. Andrea Vitz teaches emotional sobriety


Is this a sobriety program?

It’s a “sobriety” program, but not a traditional “recovery” program. Many recovering drug addicts, alcoholics, food addicts, and more have found great success in uncovering the reason they reach for the exogenous substance, and thereby achieve longer-term recovery here.

Should I do this instead of therapy?

EMSO Training will not interfere with your existing therapy. In fact in may enhance it. Many choose to do EMSO Training instead of therapy, but it is not a therapeutic process, nor endorsed by a psychotherapist.
How long is the course?
The EMSO Essential Intensive is a 30-day process taking place over 4 consecutive Sundays. There are 21 days of videos, and follow-up support as well. If you are successful in this training, there is a follow-up Practicum available by application.

How long do I have access to the course materials?

You will have access to the entire set of course materials for up to 3 months after you complete the training. For those that continue with EMSO AP (Advanced Practices), you have access for the full year.
What is your refund policy?



Find out of this is the right next step for you by talking to us and getting your questions answered.