Everyone leaves Andrea’s seminar feeling INFORMED and TRANSFORMED

“Andrea has a ‘one-two punch’ type of honesty with people. It hurts for a minute, but the life you get to live in return is beyond worth it.” ~Kristi L.

EMOTIONAL SOBRIETY is the trait becoming more sought after than financial success, physical attractiveness or overall status.

Always here for you, Dr. V.

10 Things You’ll Learn Here…


  1. Where you may be adding to the pain in your life.
  2. What EMSO (Emotional Sobriety) is and why it is essential for levelheadedness, clarity, and peace.
  3. What negative emotions you may be addicted to making—resentment, anger, guilt, embarrassment, fear, and sadness.
  4. Witnessing who you’ve really been… and you might be surprised!
  5. Where your Early-Age Trauma has shaped you, specifically, and how to overcome their harms.
  6. Lessons on changing dishonesty, jealousy, defensiveness and other ETBs (Emotionally-Triggered Behaviors).
  7. How to successfully grow within familiar circles.
  8. How to dodge what can hold you back from change.
  9. How to attain EMSO and even help others!
  10. How to meet the new you, new opportunities and new beginnings.

…and much more.

“Levelheaded Doc gives us the how-to manual for the most important movement of our time:

Emotional Sobriety.”

I am here to introduce you to YOURSELF, perhaps in greater detail than you’ve previously known, and offer you the option for more PEACE and CLARITY in your life.

Always here for you, Dr. V.




Your family? Career? Health?

What have you already lost? Joy? Success? Relationships?

What have you lost that you may not even be aware of? Opportunities? Potentials?

Do you feel that even with your personal growth there is still a gap in your life?

Do you feel discontent, frustration in relationships, confusion regarding others’ behaviors, or that you are often not understood or heard?

You may have heard of Emotional Intelligence as the awareness of your feelings, why you may have these feelings, and how to live with them. But if you have relied on Emotional Intelligence as a solution to your problems, you may have noticed it wasn’t a complete answer.

Modern science reveals that we may be “addicted” to our emotions of anger, guilt, fear, impatience, and more. If this is true we need what all addicts need…SOBRIETY! Not just intelligence.

In this book and accompanying trainings, Dr. Andrea Vitz shares how to not simply outsmart your negative emotions, but overcome your predisposition to creating them for survival. Dr. Vitz guides you through a precise process as you intentionally develop into The You You’ve Never Met. Are you one who is willing to embark on this brave and rare journey?


Where I am, I feel JOY.
If you feel PAIN where you are,
come stand beside me.

Dr. Andrea Vitz

Expert & Developer of Emotional Sobriety Training — Learn EXACTLY HOW to train the mindset & behaviors destroying relationships & threatening companies

Keynote Speaker | Executive Gap Coach


Meet the developer of EMSO Training and hear her story about how her own emotional insobriety actually became a huge gift for the world!


Quick and inspiring tips to support your Emotional Sobriety. This fully searchable database of topics is here for you anytime you need it.


Are you tired of carrying the fear and hysteria everywhere you go? Gossip and drama? Do you want to have more levelheaded conversations?