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Together, we create the Emotional Sobriety community…are you ready? And how do you know if you are?

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Hi everyone, Dr Andrea Vitz here with an update and invitation.

We officially launched out LHD Emotional Sobriety movement in March 2020 and quite successfully. We are onto workshop number two at this time and the third is on its way. Our community is growing.

People are very eager and some even desperate for change in their lives. What a perfectly placed time to do this work. A time of the unknown, a time when nearly all of your inner most struggles may be coming to the forefront. When your coping mechanisms are running rampant and you may be feeling less healthy or more aware of your lack of emotional stamina.

At LHD we are a community of people – doing the brave a rare work of Emotional sobriety. The Levelheaded Doc movement is ready to embrace more people on their own journey to levelheadedness, clarity and peace in their lives. To anyone and everyone who is seeking results, real change and are tired of being who they have been being in some regard or hare fed up with what they’ve been and are determined to be new. We are here for the parents, the business people, the leaders, the unhealthy, the jealous, the angry, the devastated, the confused, even those who have made significant mistakes.

It doesn’t matter where you begin this process, we have all started from different places. We have been disgusted or just disappointed with our lives and we are all in this together. This is what makes our community so all-accepting. None of us began as undefeated warriors. We all had to battle our egos to become who we are today. And most people are still on their journey, or are even just beginning themselves. Just know you are not different than anyone else in this movement, in regards to having problems or pain, you are not even different than I once was. Are you ready to be a part of something great, to defy all of your previous beliefs and become solid and unassailable for yourself, your family and community? If you are join us!

Remember: To have community you need to participate in community. Meaning, get involved wherever you stand. Open up! I recall saying to myself before starting this work, don’t wait until you “feel ready” because this version of you will never feel ready, !!

So I encourage you to be honest and ask for help. ask questions, offer support, make yourself known by showing yourself, at your beginning and all the way to your advancement. When you’ve advanced, It is so important for others to see who you are now compared to who you once were. And to have the support and guidance of each other is where we grow most rapidly and essentially are incapable of giving up because everyone around us is still moving along the line of sobriety training. Pushing themselves and each other to greater advancement. When surrounded with this commitment, we have a better chance of committing ourselves. When witnessing sobriety in demonstration we find ourselves demonstrating alike. And when supporting and rooting for others to heal we cannot keep the healing from ourselves. This is a phenomenon called entrainment in summary it is a process that leads to coordination of behaviors.

Think of it in this case as synchronization in human development! In the Levelheaded Doc Emotional Sobriety Community, we commit, we encourage and we remind each other to focus in. We are aware and acknowledge our similarities and can help urge others to overcome where we were once stuck. Reminding each other to stick to the work, and deter focus away from singular circumstance or problems. We remain in constant connection with our truth and reintroduce tools that worked for us and offer them to others. We know there is only ever one problem and that is ourselves, our responses, our beliefs, our behaviors and our previous inability to both understand and overcome our feelings.

And among those who are establishing emotional sobriety, with poise and courage we become encouraged. We become like them because we are walking the same line, we are asking more of ourselves and we are temporary aids to others in need. don’t be deterred by the word sobriety as this is not to be confused with sobriety in drug or alcohol recovery.

This is for EVERYONE!!!

And yes it works for drug and alcohol addiction as well. But even if you don’t do drugs or drink this is for you. The golden rule at LHD is that Emotion Sobriety is for everyone. And we need you in our community. Emotional Sobriety is not a life hack, a temporary tool or technique it is a fundamental remodeling of ourselves.

By learning how to align with our most honest, greatest ideals effortlessly on a moment to moment basis. The training is laid out with a precise and step by step methodology that not only gives you a better understanding as to why you’ve been this way but also the how to overcome any of your problems Or give you a platform to build off of to an even greater version of yourself, when you are already at a high level.

With Emotional sobriety We are Not strung out on fear, remorse or shame. Not angry or resentful or embarrassed about our past. We are more effective leaders, parents and friends. Our day to day life as well as our goals take on more clarity and focus, we know where we are going, how we are going to get there and we don’t give our power to circumstances that would have in the past derailed us.

Are you one of the brave and gritty who are willing to go farther than ever before in self-investigation, remodeling and make new choices for yourself. I invite you to check us out Levelheadedoc.com sign up for some trainings, or feel free to read the book first “The You You’ve Never Met” on the LHD site or Amazon.

I’m Dr Andrea Vitz This is my invitation to you to walk with me, with us and with your new self

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Always here for you See you next time

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